Music is Health – Relaxation and Well-being

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Music is Health – Relaxation and Well-being

Music is health – Episode # 2: Relaxation and well-being

Image result for music is healthPostulate : It is scientifically proven that creative hobbies are an effective means of relaxation. Among these hobbies, I am going to talk to you in this article about music of course, and more particularly about musical practice.

If you already know that just listening to music is good for stress reduction and relaxation , practicing music or singing is also a great help.

Just like a physical activity , the practice of music allows you to spend energy in a constructive way. But not only, since you will also find relaxing and positive contributions at the psychological level. That is why every musician feels so good after a rehearsal or a concert, he then feels both a bodily satisfaction, in having to use his body in a coherent and energizing way, and at the same time mental, in the pleasure that the musical creation brought him to the level of his brain while passing by his hearing.


Being a musician myself, and having taken singing and guitar lessons in the past, music is for me a real passion, but the benefits I get from it do not stop at the pleasure of the ear .

When I feel sometimes tense or stressed after an event in my life, I hasten to take my guitar and I let my fingers slide on the neck according to my inspiration of the moment. It is then like a catharsis: the negative energy, through the melodies that I play, then finds a positive polarity. In the same way, have you ever seen a jazz singer on stage look worried or tense? We observe so much joy and serenity on the faces of these singers and through their voices, that the audience in presence then finds itself in this state of tranquility.

As a music advisor , I receive daily calls from people who want to take classes, and the enthusiasm I have for promoting the benefits of a musical practice allows me to develop my curiosity on this theme every day and bring new things to our future students every day. I spoke to you in the first article, related to this theme, the benefits of music in terms of flexibility and energy , next week I will talk about the joy and optimism that can bring us music in as a musician, whether you are beginner or confirmed.