What kind of credits can I access with Inman?


What kind of credits can I access with Inman?

In our family economy, there are many urgent needs that can arise and that make it convenient to resort to short or medium term financing. Repair or buy a vehicle, make some reform in our home or fix a breakdown are some of the most common expenses that may arise.

At Inman, we help you find an adequate, immediate and flexible solution so that your pocket does not suffer: request a quick loan.

Inman Credits: A solution tailored to each need

Our credits are flexible so they can be adapted perfectly to your economic circumstances. Thus, you can expand, modify or cancel them quickly, easily and, above all, without leaving home.

Another outstanding feature of the Inman loans is our absolute transparency, which is based on trust and total sincerity. This is present in all communications with our customers, as well as in the perfect clarity of the contracts and conditions.

In addition, our entire credit system is designed to offer the greatest simplicity in all our efforts: application, extensions, cancellations, and modifications, prioritizing agility and immediacy.

How much money can be requested at Inman?

Our credits are designed to offer real and immediate solutions to everyday issues and of some urgency, as occasional incidentals or even certain whims that you do not want to deny yourself and your family.

Inman’s offer of credits is focused on covering a section between 300 and 2500 euros. These amounts are so thought because we know that this range covers the expenses of the most common incidents that arise on a day-to-day basis. In the same way, we understand that smaller or larger quantities than those we have fixed require other types of solutions.

In what term can Inman credits be returned?

One of the main aspects that a loan must present is to offer a comfortable and flexible return system, that is, that the beneficiary can repay the loan without stress but, at the same time, not be tied for more time necessary.

Therefore, our credits offer a wide range of terms to your choice ranging from 3 to 24 months, so that you can accommodate the installments to real income without sacrificing the sacrifice of other things.

Differences between being a new customer and being a regular customer

Our loans are based on trust and are granted without guarantees, so that knowledge about our clients and their trajectory are very important.

Therefore, in the first loan, the amount is limited to an amount of 800 euros that can be extended later. In addition, it is also possible to change the return conditions.

Once you have requested a loan with us, the possibilities of renewal and expansion of the requested capital are happening immediately.

As you can see, we like to provide facilities for our clients, so if you have a financial problem, you have the Inman credits