Zuloaga says that the budget of the PP in Health is “insufficient” and “forgets” the “huge debt” with Valdecilla


Zuloaga says that the budget of the PP in Health is “insufficient” and “forgets” the “huge debt” with Valdecilla

In this way, Zuloaga has denounced that the Executive of Rajoy has presented some PGE that “cut” in Health “a 5.8 percent” and has criticized the amount of 22 million euros reported in the draft Budgets for Valdecilla.

And it has done it during a day organized by the Health Department of the PSOE of Cantabria, under the title ‘Community Participation, towards a health of the 21st century’, in which different social groups and active members of the field of health of the region.

In that forum, Zuloaga has demanded “greater financing” from the State to the autonomous communities that allows the system to be sustained and has defended that a well-financed health service means “maintaining equality between citizens regardless of where they reside”.

Zuloaga has warned that the resources that the central government plans to allocate to Health in “none of the ways” will come to cover the benefits of health services in this country nor will they serve to “address the changes needed by health” and has opined that “it will only cause the health financing deficit suffered by the autonomies to grow”.

For the leader of the Cantabrian socialists, this project of PGE “returns to show that for the Popular Party government public health is not a political, social or economic priority.”

In contrast, he has argued that socialists do believe that the comprehensive protection of health is “a priority and a right” of all Spaniards.

The Socialist leader has advocated a system that promotes effective equality for all citizens, with a more supportive health financing and a system to overcome territorial and social imbalances.

Zuloaga has claimed that the Socialists want to “reverse all the effects of cuts and elimination of benefits” that, as he said, has led the PP and a government that, in his opinion, “aims to sink public health versus private “

Thus, has claimed that since the PSOE in Cantabria, one of the parties that make up the bipartite and is the one that manages health in Cantabria, work to have “a health system that universal coverage, which is public and quality with free and coordinated access “.

Thus, has pointed out that the Ministry of Health that runs the socialist Maria Luisa Real has been increasing the amounts allocated to this area since 2016, reached 8.34 percent in the last three budgetary years, which has allowed to reach the “highest” figure achieved in the community to date.


On the other hand, Zuloaga has defended that community involvement is essential to identify and address the main determinants of health, which have to do with the socio-economic, cultural and environmental situation of the population and economic activity and living conditions and work of citizenship. “

In this line, said that “community participation allows people and organizations that are part of a community, interact from recognition, respect and self-care,” as reported in a statement the party.

“An active community participation and the decorative involvement of health professionals and of the own citizenship is decisive, because only of us and ourselves depends on caring and making responsible use of our public services,” he asserted.

Therefore, he explained that the Area Health Councils in Cantabria will be created, with advisory and advisory character, whose purpose is the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of health policies in the community.

“We must work together to guarantee and strengthen a Health for all and we work to recover a public, universal and quality National Health System, because it is an obligation and not an option,” he said.