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Mark Hamill’s great success as Star wars The fan favorite brought the actor international fame, and with that comes a “responsibility” to be there for the fans who need him most. As the Star wars Movies have always been popular with fans of all ages since the very first was released in 1977, he remained one of the world’s most beloved actors for over four decades. His role as Luke Skywalker made him seen as an on-screen hero, and fans will know he embodies that word behind the scenes as well.

Because so many young children admire Marc Hamill, he has made efforts to brighten the lives of countless children over the years. This includes volunteering to meet terminally ill children, which can often be “heartbreaking” on her end. On Twitter, a Hamill’s fan recalled an experience his young son Elijah had in his final days when Hamill joined others Star wars alum wishing him a happy birthday. The joy that Hamill brought to Elijah during such a difficult time will always be cherished by the family.

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“As my son Elijah died of pediatric brain cancer in 2017, @HamillHimself contributed to a birthday video that Lucasfilm made where several Star wars the cast wished her a happy birthday on her ninth birthday (April 22). This is Elijah watching Mark Hamill. He died the next day, “Brad Simpson wrote, including a photo of his beaming son looking at Hamill’s personal birthday message.

In a response tweet, Hamill wrote: “A look at Elijah’s beautiful face is all you need to know about why I have visited countless patients in children’s hospitals over the years. years. Emotionally heartbreaking, of course, but I consider it both a privilege and a gift that I have received – a responsibility I will never take lightly. “

Other stories relating to Hamill’s goodwill have been circulating for years. Another famous story occurred in 1998, when screenwriter Ed Solomon’s friend, Joe Sikorra’s son John, died of juvenile Batten disease. The devastating disease that affects children’s vision and cognitive motor function, and most sufferers typically die in their late teens or early twenties. Solomon contacted Hamill’s agent at the time with a simple date request, which the actor quickly agreed to.

“I had never met Mark, but I called his agent and asked him if this could happen,” Solomon said of the situation, according to THR. Mark’s agent said, ‘Please don’t tell the boy anything because I don’t want to give him high hopes. “And then, literally less than two minutes later, Mark calls and says, ‘I would love to. What about tomorrow? “I started screaming.”

The next day, Hamill met the boy and his brother, who had the same diagnosis, as well as their father Sikorra. Due to John’s state of mind, he found it difficult to differentiate Hamill and Luke Skywalker. For his part, Hamill followed him to make the experience as magical as possible for John.

“Mark spoke to John simply and directly and with complete dignity,” Solomon said. “John asked the same question three times in a row and Mark answered the same each time.” Sikorra added, “Mark was just super patient and kind. It was one of those beautiful experiences. It’s very humbling, this disease. You have to let go of your normal expectations for yourself, your kids and your family. In the middle. of struggle and tragedy, it’s those connection points that make you feel loved and less isolated. Mark was very kind, “no rush, my time is your time.”

On his Twitter account, Hamill also recently celebrated the posthumous induction of his friend and Star wars co-star Carrie Fisher in the 2022 Hollywood Walk of Fame class. In addition to congratulating all of the winners, he offered “a lot of love” to the “incomparable, hilarious and irreverent force of nature that was my space sister Carrie Fisher”. The Hamill star was previously announced in 2018 and it is fitting that the two will be named together on the famous catwalk. You can see more of his tweets by following Mark Hamill on Twitter.

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