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Barely a year ago, the government stepped in to help those in financial difficulty by offering PPP loans.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Barely a year ago, the government stepped in to help those who were experiencing financial difficulties by offering PPP loans. One of those recipients was Pius X High School, receiving over $ 1 million.

“Oh my God. It was, I mean, an incredible help to us,” said manager Tom Korta.

It was the relief so many people needed. The government offering billions of dollars to businesses that would soon be going through a difficult year.

billions of dollars would be up for grabs to help companies get through what would soon be a difficult year.

“We had parents who had lost their jobs. So, being a Catholic school, we rely on the income from tuition fees. We are also counting on the support of parishes and parishes have been impacted by COVID. They were not allowed to have Mass for a long time and therefore donations from the parish declined, ”Korta said.

Forty percent of their income came from tuition and the rest from parish and fundraising, which was virtually non-existent at first.

This is where the $ 1.3 million P3 loan came in. It has helped families keep their children enrolled.

It also helped keep staff employed during tough times. Although some were hourly and could not be in the building in the springtime, Pie was still able to provide for them.

Now, a year later, Korta says the community has gone above and beyond to help and can look to the future.

“I’m not going to say that the donation returns 100% to its normal level. It’s definitely recovering and in that, in a positive sense. I must also say that the supporters of Pius XII have been extremely generous, ”said Korta.

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