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Wisbech Castle will light up orange in an effort to educate a family living with a rare genetic disease limiting life expectancy.

The castle will light up on International Batten Disease Awareness Day for Sarah Dodkin and her family, to help more people understand Juvenile Batten Disease.

Sarah and Ben’s two sons, Finley and Harrison, were diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease in 2017 at the age of six and one, which affects their eyesight, memory and mobility.

In a message to Wisbech City Council, Sarah said, “As a small but powerful community we do a lot of activities to raise awareness and fundraise and so this is where you come in!

Wisbech Castle will light up orange for the Dodkin family as part of International Batten Disease Awareness Day. Pictured, Sarah (left) and Ben (center) received first prize in the Chairman’s Award for Fundraising category at the 2018 Macular Society Awards for Excellence.
– Credit: Archant

“There are many iconic landmarks across the country that have been lit orange over the years, but nothing quite close to us. If you could do that, that would be amazing!”

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The city’s emblem will be illuminated in orange during the day and evening of June 9.

The family has previously raised funds through their Pedal4Memories campaign to help give their children happy memories through different experiences, and also won a national fundraising award.

If you are marking the day with your own tribute to the city or its surroundings, send an email to [email protected]

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